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Investment, Accounting and Taxation Advisory is a correlated professional area of expertise; I am CA Mitesh Gada [ CA, LL.B., ISA, CWM ], professionally working since 2003; Founder of Earnest Capital® having almost 19+ years of abundant experience in advising and consulting.

Wealth Creation, Sustainable Investment, Savings and Money Management are our core competency area of work profile; having worked with versatile industries and sectors; our team is well-equipped for corporate as well as HNI / Super HNI individuals.

We follow our Firm’s vision and mission to achieve business goals by 2030;

My Story

Being a Chartered Accountant for more than 19 years, I follow all economic trends, data and updates; I am fond of collecting economic policies of the Indian Government. Our team is expertise in various investment avenues like capital market, mutual funds, insurance, commodities, real estate, private equity, startup funding, and also well-versed in allied services like accounting & taxation consulting;


We are extremely responsible and accountable for each & every decision making for our clients. We have a visionary team, highly focused on the goal of “Creating Wealth on Sustainable Decisions”; We understand the value of time, money and decisions; We are committed to create the value addition for our clients’ business goals; We motivate & encourage our clients to increase the habit of savings and diversifying investments.


Being financial management consultants, we believe in below core values & competencies:


  • Saving and Investing have different approach and different goals; Saving is all about risk management and financial secured life purpose; and Investment is all about wealth creation; And it is dynamic decision making; 

  • Time management and asset allocation are crucial decisions for long-term wealth creation, to be diversified into various financial instruments; We work on minimizing the risk on and optimizing the returns on investment basket;

  • Earnest Capital is wholly client-centric, having more than 19 years of working experience in accounting, taxation and end-to-end financial management; We believe in long-term relationship, by following high standard business ethics.


Earnest Capital | Business Goals


  • We aim at catering our professional services to more than 50 Big-size Corporates by 2025;

  • 100Cr+ Fund Raising for Startups by 2025;

  • 500Cr+ Portfolio managed by our efficient Team;

  • Grow the organization by adding skilled, dedicated, efficient manpower by 2025;

  • Create easy to connect & knowledge sharing touchpoints visitors and clients;

  • Spread knowledge by conducting Investor Awareness Programs (IAPs) to mass and join individuals – salaried, professionals, small business owners & Corporates in the league of Investing;

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